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Life, the Universe, and Laughter

Hey everyone. I'm Vyxxen or Vyx if you prefer.
I'm pansexual, genderqueer, and polyamourus. I prefer they/them or ze/hir pronouns, I'll love you forever if you call me "sir."
I am a super sex positive person, I just keep my porn on a separate blog as some of the stuff I'm into would frighten people if I posted it randomly. It's not a secret, ask if you want it. I'm prone to occasional bouts of randomness and deep thoughts.. sometimes cuteness.
I'm a super proud part of both the furry and brony fandoms. I'll talk about them both at great length if you ask. They are the fandoms I am most loyal to right now.
My favorurite word is "why" as I am curious about everything around me.
Ask me anything, nothing is too weird, or too personal, and there is no such thing a stupid or ridiculous question.
May you learn from your past to create a better future.
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Sep 22 '14



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Sep 22 '14
"Be careful who you vent to."
Realest shit I’ve heard all morning. (via corivicious)

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Sep 21 '14


Never in my wildest dreams could I’ve dreamt up this scene.

Sep 18 '14

*double and triple and quadruple checks checklist*

*still not convinced everything is done/packed*

Sep 18 '14

Spell list is done. Is way tinier then i feel like is maybe should be? idk.. gonna have Mr J look it over tomorrow..

Gotta quick make the strips i need for my enchantments and wrap the two spell balls..

wugh.. why am i a caster?

oh.. that’s right.. because i wanted to be a healer.. ended up being talked into being a necromancer as well.. idk.. blagh..

want to sleeeeeeeeppp

Sep 17 '14

I need to do my spell list.

Ahh.. I’m so nervous for tomorrow. First day taking calls and.. gah. Luckily, Mr J is buddied up with me for the first part of the day, so, that should be good. We both seem to chill the other out. Still nervous.

But! After work we leave for Keep on the Borderlands. 8 hour road trip witha bunch of nerds. I’m super looking forward to it.

But I’m super nervous for that too. This’ll be the third Amtgard thing I’ve ever done and.. blah. I’ve only done two fighter practices, both of them were about an hour or so long and then some battlegames.. no actual RP happening… gah.. Pressure. So. Much. Pressure. And, I don’t -quite- know how to set up the tent that we’re using.. and apperently it leaks? gah

I do have a badass looking sword.. read “badass” as it’s got a Rainbow Dash cover on it.. :P

Sep 17 '14



By: Planeta Pokémon.

Sep 17 '14




 i will reblog this as many times as it takes me to stop finding this funny

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Sep 17 '14



Twilight may be trash but at least they cast actual native americans to play natives

That is a serious burn for a LOT of movies.  I’m not sure we have enough burn cream for this.

Sep 17 '14


a guide for people who can’t tell the 90s from the early 2000s apart

  • if people are dressed in neon, it’s the 90simage
  • if people are dressed in space age metallics, it’s the 2000simage

Sep 16 '14


trying to make a situation better but ending up making it worse like


Sep 16 '14

You know what I’ll never understand?

I do literally everything I can to help other people and the requests I make of others I would do without thinking

And it just fucking hurts. It hurts and I hate it and I’m always left out of everything no matter how nice or whatever I am.

And it fucking hurts to be left behind all the goddamn time.

Like, I need to do laundry. I needed to have my laundry done by now.. but I fucking cant. My fucking roommates fucking cats literally pissed and shit on my clothes and they are just like “Oh well, you shoulda been more responsible.” Fuck you. They aren’t mine and my clothes should be fine in a laundry basket.. apparently not.

I am beyond upset right now.

I need alcohol or a cigarette or something…

Sep 16 '14
Patrick Stump - Patrick Stump A Cappella Grammy medley


Patrick Stump A Cappella Grammy medley

Empire State Of Mind - Jay-Z & Alicia Keys

Love The Way You Lie - Eminem Featuring Rihanna

Need You Now - Lady Antebellum

Nothin’ On You - B.o.B Featuring Bruno Mars

Fuck You - Cee Lo Green

This needs to be made known to the world. Patrick’s capabilities are fucking amazing, especially when you listen to this with headphones. Plus it’s adorable. Just listen. 

Sep 16 '14

I kindof just want someone to punch me.

I am an idiot and i need to be destoryed

Sep 16 '14
  • spanish and italian: So THESE words are feminine and THESE words are masculine, and you ALWAYS put an adjective AFTER the noun.
  • french: haha i dont fuckin know man just do whatever
  • english: *shooting up in the bathroom*
  • gaelic: the pronounciation changes depending on the gender and what letter the word starts and ends with and hahah i dont even know good fucking luck
  • polish: here have all of these consonants have fun
  • japanese: subject article noun article verb. too bad there's three fucking alphabets lmao hope your first language isn't western
  • welsh: sneeze, and chances are you've got it right. idfk
  • chinese: here's a picture. draw it. it means something. it can be pronounced four different ways. these twenty other pictures are pronounced the same but have very different meanings. godspeed.
  • arabic: so here's this one word. it actually translates to three words. also pronouns don't really exist. the gender is all in the verb. have fun!
  • latin: here memorize 500 charts and then you still dont know what the fuck is happening
  • sign language: If you move this sign by a tenth of an inch, you'll be signing "penis"
  • russian: idk man its pronounced like its spelt but good fucking luck spelling it
  • Greek: so basically we're going to add 15 syllables to every word you know and assign it one of 3 genders at random. Also good luck figuring out where to put the accents you piece of shit